Unique flying pillow


The world's only pillow with the effect of levitation of the cervical spine.

Memory Foam

A comfortable layer of with shape memory effect of your body, developed for NASA.


MagneticPad completely hypoallergenic and safe for health.

Why MagneticPAD is so unique?

Together with podiatrists and leading constructors, we have created the world's only support system of the cervical spine based on the effect of magnetic levitation. It is called the MLS.

What are the benefits of MLS?

(MLS - magnetic levitation system)

Thanks to it, MagneticPAD provides support to neck while sleeping, instantly adjusting to the weight of your cervical spine, taking the shape and height ideally suited to physiological spinal curvature that allows you:

  • to relieve muscles of spine and reduce their spasm;
  • enlarge the distance between vertebras;
  • reduce compression of the blood vessels and nerves;
  • reduce the risk of degenerative disc disease.

How does MagneticPAD work?

The pillow takes the shape of your body. The top layer is made of special Memory Foam, which has the effect of memory, it does not have extrusive effect on the head and perfectly adapt to shape of your body.

MLS finds an optimal height for your neck. MLS regulates position of the neck - the most important element of sleeping. Depending upon weight and volume, the system will find the optimal height position and provide excellent support to all cervical spine.

The bottom layer is made from elastic foam ST. This layer performs the function of support to the head during sleeping, it does not allow your head to drop below the level of the spine what will keep it in perfect flat position.

Cover made from 100% premium cotton. As a natural material, cotton is perfectly draws heat and fluid from your body, providing to a comfortable temperature and humidity of the skin. And also perfectly amenable to machine washing. It keeps the quality up to 80 washes.

Perfectly straight spine, as well as always correct position of the head and neck at any time sleeping.

Our own production

Unique materials

For sale in the US, Canada and the EU

Whom will suit MagneticPAD?

Recommended proportions of the body, under which it can be MagneticPAD adapted: height from 154 to 187 cm and weight ranging from 48 to 134 kg (+/- 5% of the values for non-standard figure)

What gives sleeping on MagneticPAD?

  • Straight spine, thanks to the MLS
  • Great level of comfort during sleeping
  • Relief and micro-massage of cervical spine
  • Prevention of spine diseases
  • Compression reduction of blood vessels and nerves
  • Enlarge the distance between vertebras

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I want to start by saying that finally I began to sleep properly. Now I do not curl up into a tangle, hugging a pillow. Now I sleep on the side in a steady position. Regarding the "flying during sleep": I cannot say that I strongly feel it, but it seems to be true, because the neck is really in some suspended state, it has no pressure and I have a feeling of a touch of soft jacket. It is rather difficult to formulate experienced feelings, but I can say for sure that a usual pillow is beyond comparison. Thanks to producers and pleasant managers and to polite and punctual courier. Great, unique and comfortable!
I have received this pillow as a present. It is designed for sleeping either on the side or back, but sleeping on stomach is less comfortable. But what about sleeping, it is comfortable; pillow really takes the shape of the body and not falls through. And I had a small miracle - I stopped snoring! Of course I did not snore like an elephant, but the wife has often complained about it. I think it is because of right position I have stopped snoring. Now, about magnets – may be it only seems to me, or not, but I began to wake up with some ease in the head, and the sleeping has become deeper. And it does not matter, most importantly, this pillow is a really worthy! Thanks to the manufacturer for such an interesting novelty.

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And does your pillow fly while sleeping?